A product which was destined to become the world’s biggest brand, Coca-Cola was first made in Atlanta, Georgia, on May 8, 1886, when Dr. John Stith Pemberton, a local pharmacist produced the drink. It was sampled at the local pharmacy and placed on sale as a soda fountain drink. With an average of nine bottles sold per day in its first year, the drink soon became popular through advertising it as ‘Delicious and Refreshing’, a slogan that still stands today.

With the outbreak of World War II, instead of Coca-Cola taking a hit, business boomed. Coca-Cola set out to provide every person in the U.S. armed forces with a bottle for five cents. This gave a chance for the drink to be sampled in areas that previously never had a chance to, and more than five billion bottles of Coke were consumed during the war. 

Soon after the country’s independence in 1947, Coca-Cola came to Pakistan in 1953. Like in every other country where it operates, the Coca-Cola business in Pakistan is a local business. The beverages are produced locally, providing employment to Pakistani citizens, and the product range and marketing reflects Pakistani tastes and lifestyle.

After the introduction of Coca-Cola, Fanta was introduced in 1965, Sprite was introduced in 1972, and after a gap of 30 years, Diet Coke and Fanta Lemon were introduced in 2001. Currently, Coca-Cola beverages are produced and sold in Pakistan via the company’s own bottling plants which operate under Coca-Cola Beverages Pakistan Ltd. (CCBPL). A local service office, Coca-Cola Pakistan, focuses on marketing the Company’s brands locally.