The First Coca-Cola Empower Lecture Series of 2017 was held recently at the University of Management & Technology (UMT), Lahore. The Coca-Cola Empower Lecture Series was a collaborative effort with Career Pakistan - Talk World Program and Office of Career Services, UMT. The Lecture highlighted and indoctrinated the emphasis on the need for “Effective Communication Skills”.

Fahad Qadir who serves as the Director for Public Affairs & Communications for Pakistan & Afghanistan Region, at The Coca-Cola Export Corporation, was the epicenter of the lecture. Fahad Qadir, held an interactive and enlightening session with the students of commerce and accounting discipline.

The session provided the students with invaluable insights on the corporate sector and the means to flourish in the corporate world. The expertise shared by Fahad Qadir, engulfed the students and their positive feedback during the questions and answer session, set the precedent for the future need of Coca-Cola Empower Lecture Series.

Fahad Qadir highlighted and paid special emphasis on the following in his lecture to the students:

The biggest communication problem is we do not listen to understand. We listen to reply
• He also stressed on the need to pay special attention to body language and posture while communicating
• He emphasized that without communication, we all would be working as individuals with no links with anyone
• And lastly that Effective communication in business can help achieve greater performance and management as then messages and instructions are better received and effectively acted upon

In addition, the lecture explored on how The Coca-Cola Company has been the pioneer in establishing dynamic corporate communication, setting new standards in the industry. In addition, the lecture also served as an academic learning for the participants on how The Coca-Cola Company has had a tradition to support and cater to everyone in the country, even the less privileged and special people residing in the society. To further the cause, the initiative from last year – The Coke Studio For Deaf was also shown. All of this gave testimony to the cause that The Coca-Cola Company strives to go the extra mile and makes sure that everyone is the society is catered to.


In essence, the University appreciated the unfathomable support and efforts made by The Coca-Cola Company and Fahad Qadir, The underlining result of the Coca-Cola Empower Lecture Series was that there is a need for more regular sessions of such nature to be held.