Coca-Cola Pakistan partnered with Rotary International, Pakistan National Polio Plus Committee in 2012 with a mission to provide clean drinking water by mitigating the transmission of water borne diseases in Pakistan. At the Rotary International Convention 2016 in Seoul, Coca-Cola Pakistan announced funding of Rs. 10 million towards the project entitled ‘Zindagi’ – meaning life, under the ‘New World’ program in partnership with United Nations Development Program (UNDP), for the provision of further 7 solar water filtration plants mainly in Karachi, Sindh and Nowshera in KPK, which are at high risk of communal and waterborne diseases.

The 7th and final solar water filtration plant was just recently installed in KPK and the $100,000 project was completed. These solar-powered filtration plants have benefited a total target population of 140,000 in the catchment areas, with each plant recharging 3,000 gallons of water twice a day per shift. Previously, the reverse osmosis plant in Malir town of Karachi, installed in 2014, has helped in the reduction of water borne diseases by an estimated 70%. The highly prevalent diseases in the catchment area included dysentery, polio and hepatitis. Overall the project envisions to improve access to drinking water and hygiene and sanitation practices in polio high risk areas of Pakistan.
To read more about the benefits of the New World Partnership under UNDP and Rotary, please see the infographic below:

Downloadable infographic