Our youth is the torchbearer of the forthcoming generations, therefore their development and well-being is critical to corporate entities like The Coca-Cola Company who work intensively towards Corporate Social Responsibility, and for non-profit organisations like Kashf Foundation which is currently Pakistan’s premier wealth management company for low income households. For the last 5 years, Coca-Cola and Kashf have partnered with the mission to alleviate poverty by providing financial support to households and enhancing capacity building of communities by empowering their individuals through education and training towards entrepreneurial skills.

In resonance with this mission, today Kashf held its first ever Business Plan Competition with the support of Coca-Cola, to celebrate the talent of its young students from 7 beneficiary institutions, with a purpose to develop their entrepreneurial skills and analytical thinking. 4 out of 7 schools were shortlisted based upon their presentations of business plans, and the event was judged by Fahad Qadir, Director Public Affairs & Communications, Coca-Cola, Pakistan & Afghanistan, Roshaneh Zafar, Managing Director of Kashf Foundation and Imran Sarwar, CEO of Rabtt Foundation.

4 shortlisted schools presented their business plans with the help of demonstrative models and charts. Students shared highly practical ideas, generating from a particular problem statement.  group presented the idea of manufacturing and offering free home delivery service for home-based shawl makers who are highly skillful in weaving and embroidery work but are unable to access expensive marketplaces to place their products. This exercise not only allowed the students to develop critical thinking skills to develop an idea into reality, instead it also promoted teamwork amongst groups of students.

Highlighting the efforts of students, teachers and organizers, Fahad Qadir stated, “I’m delighted to be a part of this initiative to empower students, as indeed, they are the torch-bearers of coming generations. It takes a lot of passion and courage to stay determined towards your goals, and I am saying this from my person experience; stay committed to your business ideas and we as corporate entities look forward to support communities and individuals who are always prepared to grasp every opportunity towards success.”

Honoring the competition winners with prizes, Roshaneh Zafar stated “Many congratulations to the winning team, but also a huge round of applause for all the students who took part in this competition with unprecedented hard work and creativity. I thank Coca-Cola and Rabtt for their support as organisers of this event. The only thing that matters between an idea and execution is the passion to pursue it. I’m glad to see the caliber of all participants and I hope we stay united in elevating our purpose towards the society.”


Fahad Qadir, Director Public Affairs & Communications, Pakistan & Afghanistan, The Coca-Cola Export Corporation 

Kashf Foundation and Coca-Cola partnership is the best practice case of corporate social responsibility, by contributing towards Company’s Global Commitment of 5by20. 5by20 aims to expand economic opportunity for five million women entrepreneurs throughout the Company’s global value chain by the year 2020 through a combination of core business operations, cross-sector partnership, and strategic social investment. So far, more than 10,000 individuals have received vocational and managerial training from this partnership and 4,276 females have been empowered through microfinance support and training. Its small celebrations like these which strengthen Coca-Cola’s commitment towards its social license.


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