To celebrate the essence of Ramzan, Coca-Cola Pakistan organized an Iftar at SOS to share the blessings of this holy month with the disadvantaged of our society. The event was attended by Coca-Cola employees, students of SOS and staff.  This is the sixth year that Coca-Cola has conducted a Ramadan campaign which ties in beautifully with The Company’s philosophy of spreading happiness.
Distinctively decorated Coke Caravans were parked outside SOS with a surprise element;The Coca-Cola Happiness Truck. The premise of the truck was to reinforce the charitable, festive and magical feel of Ramzan by spreading cheers of joy and glad tidings. The truck gave out gifts to all those who were present at the venue. Speaking at the event Rizwan U. Khan, GM, Coca-Cola Pakistan & Afghanistan, stated, “We do not just    sell beverages, we sell an outlook of optimism and positivity. Coca-Cola Ramzan Campaign embraces the notion of sharing. Together with partners like SOS, we are trying to build a better future for generations to come."


The Iftar was part of Coca-Cola’s unique Ramadan campaign that centers on the power of sharing. The campaign is not about uniting people around one single cause, but rather about inspiring them to take part in sharing, that collectively spreads happiness. This year Coca-Cola will be celebrating Ramzan by having iftar with more than 100,000 people across Pakistan. Through this campaign Coca-Cola wants to instill a message of positivity and optimism and showcase that in this pious month one should be a miracle to others.