This February, Coca-Cola Pakistan effectively hijacked one of the competition’s last area of strength: cricket, by kicking off the year with its cricket-based campaign “Phir Se Game Utha Dain” (up your game). Multi-faceted and activated across multiple touch points, the campaign spanned the duration of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 and was anchored on the fans based approach Coke had adopted in the past. Given that the tournament was taking place in Australia, the venue for Pakistan’s last and only World Cup win, Coke looked to reignite the belief the nation had back in 1992 and to effectively have that same belief translate into the youth of today.
Barring the uniforms, players and imagery of the 1992 team, one element of the win of 1992 was etched in the minds of every Pakistani: the unofficial anthem “The World is Coming Down; The Flags are Up”. Whenever heard, it used to evoke memories of happiness and a time of optimism, a feeling that was not associated with the cricket team in the build-up to the tournament. Coca-Cola looked to tap into this optimism once again by reimaging the anthem. We did so by tackling the passion point of Cricket through the biggest musical asset in Pakistan: Coke Studio.
The TVC that launched the campaign featured numerous artists from Coke Studio Season 7 along with a former cricketer, TV personalities and the youth of Pakistan, to illustrate that when the Pakistani team are playing…everyone is a fan.  Supplementing the mainthrust with a full-length music video the content was launched across both the Coke Studio and Coca-Cola platforms, garnering over 3.5M views online  and being deemed the ‘unofficial’ cricket anthem of Pakistan, despite competition being the official sponsor of the team, the stadiums in Australia and New Zealand as well as the tournament. Effectively that meant 1 in every 4 individuals on facebook had viewed content from our cricket based campaign.

Speaking about the campaign, Rizwan Ullah Khan, General Manager, Coca-Cola Pakistan stated; “The Pakistani identity, the narrative of cultural patriotism and emotional harmony are so deeply embedded within cricket; it seemed a natural fit to unveil a campaign that focused on the 1992 Pakistan victory as a means to spread optimism and hope amongst Pakistanis.”
The liquidity of the creative idea ensured the campaign was translated across multiple touch-points, such as TV, Radio, Outdoor, Consumer Activation, Trade Activation and Packaging while focusing on digital to drive engagement and respond and create real-time content. Using learnings from the global roll-out of the World Cup campaign in 2014, Coca-Cola Pakistan looked to supplement the Coke Studio version of the anthem with user-generated anthems and content shot across Pakistan with the help of a content squad, who captured the sentiments of a nation as the team progressed to the quarterfinals.
By focusing on the outputs of social listening, Coca-Cola Pakistan also managed to ride all on-going viral trends…encapsulated in the last version of the anthem featuring the "Justin Bibi's". With over 250,00 views within the first day of it being uploaded, this version of the anthem, released two days prior to the quarterfinal, garnered coverage across esteemed channels and publications such as BBC, CNN, The Tribune as well as being applauded across the border in India. Touted as the anthem of the World Cup, Phir Se #GameUthaDain effectively became the official ‘unofficial’ hashtag of the tournament. Driving conversations & engagement online, over the course of the campaign, 240,000 students sent in posts digitally showcasing moments of watching cricket amongst family and friends… further establishing Coke’s fans’ based approach.

Ali Akbar, Director, Marketing, Coca-Cola further added, “Cricket for Pakistanis is one of the few platforms that unites an otherwise fractured nation. Often confronted with negativity, through this campaign Coke looked to leverage music and cricket to drive optimism and unity. Although we didn’t win the world cup, the campaign successfully united and brought optimism back to Pakistani Cricket….which in our eyes was success in itself.”
With a strong trade activation plan supplementing the equity building initiatives, Phir Se Game Utha Dain effectively illustrated how to make a mark in a space that was wholly owned by the competition, while also driving transactions and equity.