Undoubtedly, last week has been a power house for Coca-Cola Pakistan with three major music campaign launches. The week started off with the launch of Coke Studio for the deaf; a unique music experience for the Deaf communities in Pakistan, but the campaign aims to create awareness on a global platform. There are around 9 million people in Pakistan who suffer from hearing impairment. Having said that, innovative technology combined with the platform’s philosophy of inclusivity, Coke Studio for the Deaf enables people with little or no hearing ability to get the basic experience of music. The campaign was launched in Karachi last week, in partnership with Deaf Reach Program, Pakistan. Released almost 1 week ago, Coke Studio for the Deaf has taken the world by storm. With more than 3 million views, and covered by internationally renowned newsfeeds like Buzzfeed and Huffingtonpost.

Coca-Cola is loved all over the world over for its delicious taste, energizing uplift, positivity and inclusiveness. Building on this, Coca-Cola Pakistan unleashed the biggest, loudest and boldest campaign of 2016; Zalima Coca-Cola Pila De. The TVC captures a modern day re-make of Noor Jehan’s famous film song, instilling a strong desire and craving for Coke Music. The campaign encapsulates the idea that music amplifies the Coca-Cola experience, so that music with Coca-Cola makes every moment special. Featuring the iconic starts of this generation, Meesha Shafi and Umair Jaswal, the campaign has already gone viral on electronic and digital media, but primarily you can see every Pakistani humming the iconic song with a chilled Coke! 

 Just when the whole nation was relishing the buzz of #zalima, Coca-Cola Pakistan unveiled the much-awaited promo of Coke Studio Season 9, featuring the artist line-up for Coke Studio Season 9 which will be aired on 13th August, 2016. Following up on last year’s soul stirrer Sohni Dharti, this year the Coke Studio promo has revealed the much anticipated 40-star line up in a tear jerking tribute to the people who have sacrificed their lives for our nation in “Rahe Haq Ke Shaheedon”.  It is also an honour for Coke Studio to feature the swan song of the great qawali legend Amjad Sabri, who tragically passed away shortly after the Season was recorded.

Coca-Cola Pakistan has yet again proven the power of music, transforming the ideology; music is indeed an influential tool to raise voice, revive our national icons and spread emotions.