Over the years, Coca-Cola Pakistan has become one of the Company’s high priority markets, with the business doubling in four years.
Owing to this exponential growth, the company has continuously expanded its brand portfolio in the country.
Coca-Cola has now been in business in Pakistan for over 60 years, and it intends to keep its business growing and sharing the benefits with all its stakeholders and the civil society at large.
The future outlook for all beverage manufacturers, whether local or multinational, is quite bright, with a growing population and changing lifestyles that demand refreshment on the move; and Coca-Cola Pakistan is ever ready to provide its consumers with a diverse beverage portfolio.
As a leading beverage company, Coca-Cola Pakistan has a high demand for its beverage portfolio, which, partially due to capacity constraints they are not able to meet fully. To meet its capacity constraints, Coca-Cola Pakistan announced to invest heavily to bring about systemic improvements within its existing facilities, and also building three new Greenfield production plants in Multan, Islamabad and Karachi. In the next three years a total of US$380 million will be invested for these production plants. Besides Coca-Cola is also investing to bring about systemic improvements to our existing facilities in Karachi, Gujranwala, Multan, Lahore, Rahimyar Khan, and Faisalabad.
Equally importantly, and based on its global commitment to the environment, Coca-Cola Pakistan is replacing its coolers phase-wise by investing in new technology and energy-efficient merchandising coolers.
Coca-Cola Pakistan’s future targets include a strategy to diversify its product portfolio by launching new products that fulfill consumer needs, desires and preferences. Our business is extremely consumer-centric and we remain dynamically responsive to ever-evolving market conditions.
While Pakistan offers huge potential, it is important to note that doing business here is not for the faint-hearted. Being one of the leading beverage companies here, Coca-Cola Pakistan faces both industry-specific challenges and others that are macroeconomic in nature that all businesses operating in the country face, but Coca-Cola Pakistan is determined to grow its brands and business.