Coca-Cola has upheld its tradition of surprising and delighting its audience with the most incredible innovations that ensure interaction at a more personal level. The year 2016 wasn’t any different as the Company came up with a number of campaigns that received global recognition, two of which were from Pakistan; ‘Coke Studio brings Music to the Deaf’ and ‘Interactive Labels’ Campaigns.

Coke Studio has gained massive success in reshaping the popular culture and ensuring that it has a more personal and one-on-one connection with the audience; regardless of the fact that whether they are able to enjoy the Coke Studio experience by hearing or feeling it. Thus, Coke Studio for the Deaf was a campaign that was brought into action in order to make the dreams of the hearing imapired come true. This initiative that conveyed the message that hearing music isn’t the only way you can enjoy it, the mere sensation of the beats are enough for a person to understand and feel the music within. According to the General Manager of The Coca-Cola Export Corporation, Pakistan & Afghanistan, Rizwan U. Khan, “Our brand carries exclusivity that revolves around bringing people together with happiness and passion. Indeed, this campaign ensured that the hearing impaired feel part of the Coke Studio experience and more connected with those who have been enjoying the music for the past eight years. We believe that music is for everyone.”  

The Interactive Label campaign was another one of Coca-Cola Pakistan’s inspiring creations that caused thrill and excitement amongst the people. Never before had anyone imagined that they would be able to know their favorite artists at a personal level. Coke Studio made it possible through the Augmented Reality (AR) packaging. “Pakistan now has 32 million active mobile Internet users, so we felt the time was right for our first-ever offline and online content integration,” said Sadaf Zarrar, Integrated Marketing Communications Manager, The Coca-Cola Export Corporation, Pakistan and Afghanistan. “We’re making the audience feel closer to the artists they love.” Thus, limited edition Coca-Cola bottles, with 40 artists from season 9 printed on them, were embedded with AR technology in order to transform the Coke Studio experience from the TV to mobile phones thus making it possible for the fans to get to know more about their favorite artists by just scanning the label.

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