On 17th April 2017, Coca-Cola Pakistan picked the ‘Top Brand in Pakistan’ Award for the second consecutive year sealing its position as a formidable marketing force in the market. Pakistan Advertisers Society the most prestigious body of advertisers organizes the PAS arranges the annual PAS Awards which are greatly participated in by all the leading advertisers in the country.

The night belonged to Coca-Cola as it became the most celebrated brand of the night lifting four awards, the maximum number won by any brand that night. In addition to the Top Brand 2016 and Best Cold Beverage, Coca-Cola also received Best in Television for reviving an old 80s cult classic ‘Zaalima Coca-Cola Pila De’ (Don’t be Cruel, Give me a Coca-Cola) for the Coke and Music campaign, and the coveted ‘Passion for Pakistan’ Award which was a testament of the success of the limited edition green label launched for the World Cup Cricket Campaign.

The awards came at a time when competitive aggression is at an unprecedented high in the market. Speaking on the occasion, The Regional Marketing Manager for The Coca-Cola Export Corporation Ali Akbar said, ‘Our strategy balances recruitment and frequency to authentically connect with the millennials through relevant passion points and occasions, The key to Coca-Cola’s success in Pakistan is consistency, agility and a constant constructive discontent that keeps us striving for better’.

Coca-Cola Pakistan is the third largest contributor to volume growth for Coca-Cola globally and maintains third highest brand love as per 2016 ranking.