The Coca-Cola Company keeping up with its legacy, has continued to support and rebuild the society structure to enhance the harmony in the multicultural world. Coca-Cola with its doctrine set to uplift and minimize the marginalization of socio-economical groups in the society. The Company has always understood the need for the tranquility in the society and continues to pool its resources to find equilibrium for it.  The Coca-Cola Company continues to fund various projects; the recent one was the Karachi Literature Festival 2016, in which the company launched the National Volunteer Program (NVP), which funnels its resources to build trust and understanding between communities. In addition, it also aids in developing linkages in civil society and the stakeholders involved.

The National Volunteer Program (NVP), a unique project introduced by Triple Bottom Line and sponsored by Coca-Cola Pakistan, recently released its second official video, demonstrating how volunteers can make a big impact through this structured program. The video focused on one of NVP’s partner beneficiary institutions - Special Olympics Pakistan (SOP), represented by Sadia Siddiqui, the Executive Secretary at the institution. The video featured one of the volunteers, Summera Khatoon, a graduate of Bahria University, who has completed more than 24 hours as a Summer Intern Volunteer at SOP. The video depicted how skilled volunteers are highly resourceful and important to those pro bono institutions that rely solely on donations and external funding. Through the video we also gained an in-depth understanding of how the National Volunteer Program (NVP) operates and how it aims to bring about a positive change in society. 

NVP is a technology based initiative. It acts as a bridge between corporate organizations, beneficiary institutions and the volunteers. Through this structured platform, the interests and professional skills of each volunteer are directly matched with the needs of beneficiary institutions, making it a mutually beneficial exchange. Beneficiary institutions provide a relevant job description for various positions of volunteers at their institution, while NVP recruits, inducts and briefs each volunteer through an orientation and then assigns them a position based on their skill-set.

National Volunteer Program is doing a commendable job trying to instill a culture for volunteerism in the Pakistani Society. For more information log in to National Volunteer Programme website