Coca-Cola has once again managed to amaze us by putting together this year’s greatest and most exciting event; Coke Live Concerts in three major cities of Pakistan, which was a phenomenal success and took the nation by surprise because it was the first time that songs from Coke Studio were performed live.

An “Under the Crown” campaign was launched to create a hype among Coke Studio followers before the event. It began with a TVC featuring Meesha Shafi and a Coca-Cola bottle with yellow cap. This yellow capped bottle was a feature of Under the Crown campaign, with a hidden ticket for the concert inside. Soon after, these yellow capped bottles were distributed and made available in stores all over the country, generating a frenzy where everybody wanted to get hold of the special bottle to avail the free tickets to the Coke Live Concert. The campaign was a huge success because about half of the audience, in all three concerts, constituted of those who were lucky enough to find a ticket inside their Coke bottles.

Coming up with one of the most exciting and energy-packed concerts, Coca-Cola Pakistan has brought the concert culture back. Meesha Shafi, Umair Jaswal and Noori transformed the night into a magical experience, for all those who attended, by managing to energize the whole crowd with their power vocals and stage presence. Experiencing the major hits from Coke Studio Live got the crowds cheering and reminiscing the era in Pakistan where once live music and art were resonant in our daily lives.

The concerts were held after the immaculate success that Coke Studio has seen over the past nine years and also because Coca-Cola believes that the audience should be able to enjoy music at a more personal level. However, this is just the beginning of a series of concerts that Coca-Cola has planned for the coming years and this idea affirms that Coca-Cola will go to any lengths to spread joy and happiness in our lives.