Fanta has always been the voice of Play in the lives of teens, and today Fanta brings to Pakistani Teens a unique opportunity to grab fun for their lives. This week Fanta unleashed its campaign #Fanta100 – Dare to Play! Which propagates 100 ways to create fun in the life of Pakistani teenagers. These 100 quirky dares are basically 100 things to accomplish before turning 18. Therefore, #Fanta100 is your chance to be less serious, and have more fun!

Over the years Fanta has evolved as a brand that apprehends consumer’s attention by not just its fruity soda flavor, instead its elevated its brand identity as a “playful” drink. For the execution, Fanta is using unique scratch label technology on the product where consumers will be able to scratch the labels to reveal quirky dares like “Wear headphones and dance for 2 minutes Wear your clothes inside out, or Be a chicken for 20 seconds.” Our teens can carry on with the classic game of Spin the Bottle and dare their friends to scratch the label and #DareToPlay. The idea is to break-free from our conventional mind palaces to have “fun” so that we can “dare to play”. Moreover, these entertaining dares will indulge groups of teenagers in amusing activities and bonding sessions.


Dare to Play was launched this week on digital platforms – with Facebook as its hub, but also activating teen-relevant platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and Snapchat. Dare to Play is already on TV across top 16 channels, and will soon have a very “cool” mobile activation, so stay tuned on for more fun, Teens!

So lets take a break from whatever we are doing, grab a Fanta, scratch the label and #DareToPlay!