On November 08, 2018, Dasani, the bottled water brand of The Coca-Cola Company, launched an innovative competition at 021DISRUPT, an event organized by the well-known incubator organization, The Nest I/O.

The competition called the Dasani Discovery Challenge (DDC) was an open, online competition which invited participants to submit creative, innovative and cost-effective ideas for plastic waste management, covering any or all key areas like collection, sorting of waste and recycling. The idea of organizing this open competition originated from The Coca-Cola Company’s concern with the global crisis of waste management. In this regard the Company launched its product packaging policy, ‘World Without Waste’ on January 19, 2018, where the Company will lead the industry in a bold, ambitious goal: to help bring back by 2030 a bottle or can for every one that it sells. The goal is to make recycling more accessible to achieve 100% collection and recycling by 2030, creating public awareness about what, how, and where to recycle, with continued focus on making our packaging 100% recyclable.

The DDC attracted 73 entries from all over the country by the closing date. These were evaluated by a panel of 4 eminent judges and a shortlist of the top scoring 12 entries has been made.

Now DDC enters its final stage, whereby the 12 shortlisted participants will be invited to present their ideas in detail to the judges and be ready to answer the judges’ queries. Each participant will give a short presentation of 15 minutes, which will be followed by discussion and a Q&A session for another 15 minutes. The top three entries receiving the highest final marks will be declared as the winners and will be awarded the first, second and third prizes.

The shortlisted participants are as given in the table below. Of the 12 shortlisted, 8 entries are from Karachi, 2 from Lahore & 2 from Islamabad.

Dasani offers its congratulations to all the 12 shortlisted participants and wishes all the very best for the final round!

1. Farrukh Aqil - KARACHI
2. Muhammad Abdullah - ISLAMABAD
3. Muhammad Umer - Farooq KARACHI
4. Najm Ul Hassan Nawaz - KARACHI
5. Muhammad Bilal Mujahid - LAHORE
6. Umaid Kotadia - KARACHI
7. Muhammad Haroon Khan - KARACHI
8. Zohaib Saeed - KARACHI
9. Bashir Ud Din - ISLAMABAD
10. Umer Abid - KARACHI
11. Naheed Mooraj - KARACHI
12. Muhammad Hamza Hasnain - LAHORE