Mutahira Hamdani

Executive Assistant to the General Manager

Mutahira provides assistance to the General Manager of The Coca-Cola Export Corporation (Pakistan & Afghanistan Region) for 360 Business Operations and their strategies and execution. She collaborates with internal and external stakeholders – the bottler, NGOs, government officials, agencies and customers – and caters to their business needs. She is also responsible for providing support to the Commercial Customer Leadership team for the business development of McDonald’s account.

I joined The Coca-Cola Company….in 2009 as an intern. I came straight from university so it was actually my first job but I haven’t looked back ever since.

I chose to join Coca-Colabecause there has always has been something special about The Coca-Cola Company for me. Even as a consumer, the products were an important part of my daily life so I would say my love for the brand has catapulted me from consumer to employee.

My interests and hobbies are…cycling and listening to music. My biggest interest is cycling so whenever I travel anywhere in the world, I always make it a point to rent a bicycle so I can venture out, explore the local sights and take in the culture. Listening to music is very important to me as it enables me to stay positive in any situation and has the ability to lift my mood irrespective of whether I am sad, happy, nervous or confident. I listen to various genres of music.

When I was a child, I wanted to be a…pilot. Ever since I was a child, I have always found birds and their movement simply fascinating. I also have my own personal association with the sky.

Coca-Cola for me…is an institution where I have learnt everything I know. I came here as a young university graduate and as a result of the encouragement from my seniors and supportive work atmosphere, I have been able to witness myself grow and thrive as a professional.

My advice to young professionals…is be passionate about what you want to do in life because then success will inevitably follow you. Always remember hard work complements passion so as long as you’re giving your work everything you have, there is no way anyone on Earth can stop you from achieving your dreams.