Adeem Qadeer, Admin & Facilities Officer is Coca-Cola Pakistan’s unsung hero. From arranging travel visas, to vendor and agency management and ensuring that day to day activities are taking place smoothly. Adeem Qadeer tells the journey team what it’s like to be calm and collected and his experience to be the first Coca-Cola Ambassador winner.   
I start every work day early by ensuring that all the custodian staff is present to ensure that all day to day activities take place seamlessly. I also assist our HR Director, Faisal Hashmi in guaranteeing that our associates needs are met.  
I generally have meetings with vendors in regards to food quality at the cafeteria and simultaneously catch up on emails and deliver on any actions I have been given throughout the day by the Coca-Cola Pakistan leadership team.  
There are two components to my role. I manage the administrative role of the company, such as travel requirements, banking, car requirements etc. I also manage vendors and various agencies to ensure that the workplace is one of the best places to work in Pakistan. 
It’s important for me to provide support to our associates because as long as I can help the Coca-Cola team through their busy days still smiling, I’m happy.
When I was little, I wanted to be a social worker.  I have always been sensitive and wanted to help people out. Coca-Cola Pakistan being a socially aware company along with its winning work culture seemed like a perfect fit for me. This year it will be 4 years that I have been with the company.
My favourite project to date has been the set-up of our new office. Under the guidance of our leadership team, we set up the new office in Gulberg III. I played an instrumental role refining the work place, managing vendors to ensure that the office space is set up on time. At times I used to sleep at work to make sure the contractors are working and not slacking. It took us a record time of 9 months to get a fully established office and we are constantly refining the space.
My favourite campaign has been Crazy for Good because it brought to the forefront Pakistan’s unsung heroes in a beautiful manner.
The fun thing about my job is that I get to work with everyone.  I derive personal satisfaction by helping people out. Sometimes vendor management can be challenging but I enjoy challenges at the workplace because it makes one grow professionally as well as personally.
Also, I never feel like work is a chore, I absolutely love coming to work and interacting with my fellow peers. This year, PAC team launched their interactive Ambassador program, I was the first Coca-Cola Ambassador. Being the first Coca-Cola Ambassador made me very happy, as winning this title reaffirmed by faith that Coca-Cola Pakistan is a place which gives its associates the recognition in the system that they deserve!
Coke is my favourite beverage full stop.