Anab works with CPS Pakistan as a Production Executive. She leads the concentrate manufacturing operations and is responsible to meet the customer concentrate demand  and maintain an environment of continuous improvement. She has also played integral role in various capital investment projects and holds the highest production record for her plant.

Previously, she has also worked with CCBPL , the Pakistan bottling partner as engineering specialist. 

Coca-Cola Company for me is not merely a workplace, it’s a whole ecosystem for me where I can hone my current skills, build new ones, be inspired from leaders and carry that inspiration to my own team-members. Therefore, in my own evolution as a people manager and team leader, I owe a lot to ecosystem I found at Coca-Cola.

Capability development and continuous learning are my passion points. Creating an environment conducive to learning and development for the people where they can evolve and learn and watching them excel is what motivates me. Besides, I believe in continuously learning from every source I can tap. I really feel grateful to have so many sources of learning in the Coca-Cola systems, ranging from experienced managers and front line operators to seminars and conferences.

I believe in collective winning and that's what I aspire to do.  I want to work on environment and sustainability in Coca-Cola system and not just in terms of resource conservation but also how we engage with communities and improve their quality of life through win-win situations. Coca-Cola has such a big scale and all the opportunities to create impact for collective winning through excites me.

It has given me a unique confidence and strength as a person and as a female professional in the industry. Each time the look of amazement I see on people’s faces when they find out about my role gives me a sense of uniqueness and pride. Besides that, I have had countless opportunities to learn new things, broaden my horizon and contribute my part to big and ambitious goals. These experiences have made me a more ambitious person and given me strength to go beyond the obvious in my personal life.