Fahad Qadir is Coca-Cola Pakistan’s PR Guru. Fahad talks to the journey staff about his role as Director, Public Affairs & Communications
Without a doubt, establishing Coca-Cola as one of Pakistan’s most well respected Companies is a highlight of my career at this Company so far. We had a lot of hiccups along this long journey but with the help of entire team, we were about to reach this mark. Ofcourse, a lot of credit goes to our bottling partners CCBPL as well and partners like APR, so it is well and truly a team effort. But there are many such moments for me…like working at Coca-Cola Corporate office with the Chairman’s office – that too ranks at the top for me.  
My title is Director, Public Affairs & Communications. I lead a team of talented people that seek to maintain our Company’s reputation and support our brand teams and agency partners in developing best communications and solutions.
My function includes a range of disciplines including Corporate Communication, Brand PR, Incident Management and Crisis Reporting and most importantly maintaining a diverse CSR Portfolio. 
My job is to lead my team and make sure we have the best process and partners in place so that our investment in communications helps achieve our stated marketing and business objectives.    
I always have multiple projects happening so each day is different – which I love. I work with various internal and external stakeholders to look at opportunities and be a solution to the problem. Working with various partners and creative people is something which makes the work even more interesting.
When I was young, I wanted to be a pilot. Speed and soaring above the skies always thrilled me but I somehow never managed to apply for Air Force.
The best thing about working for Coca-Cola is that it teaches you to push limits of what’s possible. It constantly instills innovative ways to engage with consumers and share what this great brand stands for – Happiness & refreshment!
The single most rewarding thing about my work is the fact that there is new stuff to do and learn every day.
If I wasn’t in PAC I would probably I would probably be a software programmer. My Bachelor’s degree is in Computers and I always had special interest for software development. I believe if I wasn’t in this field, I would have tried my luck in IT!