Hasan Shameem

Legal Counsel (Pakistan & Afghanistan)

Hasan joined The Coca-Cola Company just recently this year as the legal counsellor and he is responsible to maintain Company’s compliance with local and international laws, policies and to safeguard legal claims made by The Coca-Cola Company in Pakistan & Afghanistan region.

Before Coca-Cola… I graduated from UWE Bristol in 2007 after completion of degree in LLB, and I worked as legal counsellor in food and telecommunications industry for around 7 years.

I chose Coca-Cola because… The Coca-Cola Company is one of the biggest companies worldwide, with an unprecedented reputation in the beverages industry. After my previous experience with the top-notch food and telecommunications companies, I always wanted to work for an organisation that could still prove to be a milestone in my professional career, and Coca-Cola has proven to be the ideal place to nurture my professional outlook towards legal affairs. I see myself as an integral part of The Company today, considering the extensive and crucial parameters of legal affairs entailed in its operations.

My inspiration… As uncanny as it may sound, I have been a big follower of television shows that revolve around ‘law’ and I have been a keen follower of the show ‘Boston Legal’. Although I also wanted to be a pilot at one point of time, I eventually chose legal affairs as my field of professional specialization. Conceptualising and deliver impressive results in courtroom was my ideal case-scenario, and as a kid I wanted to live that dream for real. Coca-Cola has allowed me to live my dream and helped me evolve as a critical thinker with high respect for discipline and order in my job.

When I am not working…. I am always on the go! I love to travel and explore interesting places that I have randomly seen in magazine pictures. Travelling allows me to vent out my stress and anxiety related to workplace and it turns out to be more of a meditation for me.

Integral to my job… I am the firefighter of The Company. My work needs attention to detail and there is no room for mistakes. To maintain such a decorum, I make sure that I don’t panic and always think logically to resolve matters.

My message to budding professionals… Don’t look out for shortcuts; failures and hardships make an individual confident. The only important part is that you learn something out of your mistakes, because a mistake made twice counts for irresponsible behaviour.