As junior brand manager for Juices & Stills, Maeen Zafar is essentially looking after our diversity bracket in our beverage portfolio in Pakistan. From promotions and packaging to meeting with local stakeholders every day is exciting and filled with challenges that Maeen loves to overcome.
I joined Coca-Cola Pakistan because of the opportunities to work, socialize with and learn from a diverse group of talented individuals who have made wonderful results happen, and to make tangible changes to businesses that are currently facing challenges. I appreciate the variety of people and business issues I come across every day, and the impeccable support I get from country and function experts.
Im currently Junior Brand Manager, Juices and Stills That basically means I manage Rani Pulpy, Rani Float and Kinley with the Group Brand Manager, Farhan Tayyab. As a team we’re responsible for business planning for these brands. That can be anything from marketing communications through to product development, obviously working with our technical team.
A typical workday is fairly busy:  lots of meetings. Working across two brands entails working with lots of stakeholders, from agency partners, to bottling partners and the juices and stills team across MENA. My work focuses a lot on collaboration to get the product onto the shelves. What I like about it is it gives you lots of variety. You meet agencies, to talk about pack design or brand strategy, through to meetings with our finance or technical team to validate product ideas you might have.
I love working for Coca-Cola because each day is exciting. Juices and Stills category is relatively a new category at the Pakistan office, which makes things so interesting. It’s a huge departure from the traditional Coca-Cola brands, which in turn makes it a challenging and rewarding experience. It’s amazing to see when a new brand and its marketing programs connect with the consumers.
If I wasn’t working for Coca-Cola I would have pursued my education in the field of psychology. I am fascinated by people and their driving forces on a daily basis especially from an emotional standpoint.