Qasim Mahmood
Technical Manager (Pakistan & Afghanistan Region)
 Qasim Mahmood has been with The Coca-Cola Company through thick and thin for the past 17 years. His journey is an example of unbounded loyalty and commitment towards the Company. Qasim is currently the Technical Manager for Coca-Cola (Pakistan & Afghanistan) and his role encompasses functions like quality assurance, safety and environment which also propel functioning of the other core departments in the Company.
When I look back at my Coca-Cola journey… I think of my dedicated energy to this Company and the various organisational changes I was fortunate enough to experience. From the downsizing policies in 1997, to restructuring of The Coca-Cola System in later years, I have seen myself as a committed part of the firm. I have evolved professionally and personally with The Coca-Cola family and have managed to earn trust from our business partners which has in turn allowed me to maintain meticulous check and control over my roles parameters.
 Qualities required for my job role… It is very important to have a solid knowledge base as it helps to establish command over your job role. Good relationship management is the key trait for the ideal leader and sub-ordinate. People need to feel empowered by their managers, and that’s what I have managed to follow throughout my journey with Coca-Cola. Last but not the least, it is important to maintain openness with your fellow employees so that every team member is on the same page and on board with you.
 Quality assurance entails… primarily my role is to deal with latest technology that accounts for New Product development (NPD), Supply Chain Management and new projects. The Coca-Cola Company utilizes the best of technological practices to keep up with the fast pace consumer goods market, and quality assurance provides a benchmark, as well as continuous improvement throughout our supply chain. Quality is undoubtedly one of the core values of The Coca-Cola Company.
 Coca-Cola for me… it is very close to my heart. The name ‘Coca-Cola’ brings happiness and satisfaction to me, but most importantly it is my identity. I have spent maximum time of my professional career with Coca-Cola and I hope to see the same commitment in the future throughout the organisation as well.
 Tips for aspiring professionals… My day at the office starts with responding to follow-up emails and everyday it is my priority to respond my stakeholders on time. As a matter of fact, integrated communication within and outside of the firm helps to succeed in any job assignment. My advice to the aspiring and young professionals would be to stay on their toes all the time! Time is money, and communication is the only factor that holds your time together.