As an IMC manager at Coca-Cola Pakistan, Sadaf Zarrar is looking after the communication touch points for the Coke portfolio. From campaigns, to promotions and packaging, to meeting with local stakeholders or a global team, no two work days are the same for Sadaf. 
Growing up I always wanted to be: Famous!
 I’m the IMC Manager - I look after the communication touch points for the Coke portfolio. Which means I ensure that the communication helps communicate the brands point of view and ensure that it contributes to increasing brand love with the customers and consumers.
The best thing about Coca-Cola is that - It’s Mecca for Marketing Communication professionals. The most coveted brand in the world. Any amount of work is worth it. So yes, working at Coke is intense but I love how everyone comes together to take things to an extremely successful end.
I’m still waiting for the highlight of my career - There is something new to learn everyday… Every day, I know more than I knew before so as clichéd as it may sound, I’m still waiting for the highest high.
I wish I could manage a standard routine every day -  I suspect that would make my life very easy. But each day has different dynamics depending on where we are in the campaign development. All I can say is, every day is exciting!
I’m a marketing communication specialist by profession with more than 13 years of experience.  Along with my marketing profession, I am also a style blogger. I love anything styled well… not just limited to clothes. So while expecting my daughter, sitting at home I had nothing much to do and I started cataloging everything I liked. In retrospect, I have two children now J Bia and SiddySays.
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