Shahzad Kalim

Marketing Operations Specialist

Pakistan & Afghanistan Region

Shahzad joined the Company 11 years ago, and even after more than a decade of service he’s committed to contribute his expertise towards The Coca-Cola Company. Shahzad’s role serves as the foundation for revenue generation and market strategy. As the Marketing Operations Specialist, he’s the liaison between territory and The Coca-Cola Export Corporation, designing strategy inputs for commercial excellence.

When I joined The Coca-Cola Company….in 2005 I was the Finance Executive, reporting to the Company. However, over the years, with more knowledge across various departments my role took a transition towards Commercial Excellence.

Before Coca-Cola…I completed my MBA, with majors in Finance. My education played an important role in teaching me discipline, but practical learning for me only materialized when I started working in the Company.

Coca-Cola is… my family! I have been working in the Company for more than a decade, which encompasses the most important events of my life. I am utterly grateful for having the opportunity to be part of a Company where every single associate is empowered through delegation. It’s the Brand that forms an umbrella over the 700,000 associates worldwide.

The best thing about Coca-Cola…I don’t have to explain it to anyone that what does Coca-Cola do. It’s one of the top most brands in in the world, and sky is the limit for this Company’s success.