Syed Waqas Azhar

Marketing Manager - Flavours

At Coca-Cola Pakistan, Waqas is the Marketing Manager Flavours, which includes Sprite and Fanta Trade Marks and New Products to be launched under the Sparkling Beverages Category. He is responsible for managing the business growth for Lemon Lime and Fruity Sparkling beverages by continuously recruiting consumers into the brand franchise and building love for the brands amongst the core target consumers.

Before Coca-Cola I was working with the leading companies in Pakistan and Middle East within the marketing functions for over a decade.

I chose Coca-Cola because… The Coca-Cola Company is the dream place for any marketer, with 20+ billion dollar brands loved across 206 countries. Coca-Cola is the place for one to grow and continuously challenge oneself. Having sustained undying love for over 129 years, Coca-Cola brand re-ignites the passion and drive to face the challenges that every new day presents at work. The key reason however remains the infinite amount of learning one can get through diving into the art and science of brand building at Coca-Cola.

My passion…my biggest passion remains exploration, it could be through reflection, travel, cultures’ mining and food. My biggest drive comes from challenges which could be either physical or spiritual fitness. I am a work-driven individual but I always take out time to meditate in my own personal ways.  

When I am not working… I can never sit idle! When I’m not working, you can find me traveling, eating, food blogging and mentoring. There’s no limit to utilize time!

Integral to my job… Leadership, decision making, lateral thinking and people management above all. Solving business complexities through unique ideation is the key to excel in my job, and Coca-Cola’s intensive workshops and training sessions have always helped me refine my professional outlook towards my job. Kudos to our great HR team!

My message to budding professionals… Fools rush in! So be a fool and stay creative! As long as you wish to add value to a system, be innovative. Therefore, come to work only if you are having fun and learning something new every single day.