Committed to providing its consumers with diverse beverage options that fit their needs and lifestyles, in Dec 2011 The Coca-Cola Company announced a partnership with Aujan Industries’ beverage business through an equity transaction. Aujan Industries, is one of the largest independent beverage companies in the Middle East.
Rani Float, a juice drink with real fruit pieces, is Aujan’s flagship brand and is also the leading juice brand in the Middle East. Launched over 30 years ago in Saudi Arabia, the unique Rani Float proposition experienced tremendous sales growth in the Middle East and other export markets.
The partnership between the two companies has created a platform to unlock new global opportunities for the Rani brand. Rani would take the shape of a juice master brand, led by juice drinks with bits and stretched over multiple juice product lines. For MENA, the vision was aligned to make Rani the juice master-brand. In line with this vision, The Coca-Cola Export Corporation Pakistan also developed an aggressive strategy to transition its existing juice brand from Minute Maid Pulpy to Rani Pulpy, as well as takeover and re-launch Rani Float in Pakistan.
Rani Pulpy, previously Minute Maid Pulpy, was launched in Pakistan in 2008 and is the market leader in Orange JNSD as per AC Nielsen Retail Audit 2014 data with more than 40% segment share. Also a juice drink with real orange pulp, Rani Pulpy led the creation of a differentiated juice proposition in Pakistan, in PET packaging.
Rani Float, also launched in Pakistan almost 10 years ago, will be re-launched and will leverage the marketing muscle of The Coca-Cola Company and the distribution muscle of Coca-Cola Beverages Pakistan Limited (CCBPL).
The combined portfolio of Rani Float and Rani Pulpy is expected to lead the development of an exciting new segment of juice drinks with bits in the Pakistan juice market.