Coca-Cola Pakistan’s sponsored project, the National Volunteer Programme (NVP), has achieved a new milestone along its path towards socio-economic upliftment and positive reconstruction of society.  The New Year 2017 brought with it not only NVP’s One Year Anniversary Celebration, but also a number of collaborated events such as career fairs, women’s day celebrations and counselling sessions which the NVP team successfully participated in.

 National Volunteer Programme (NVP) was invited to take part in a Youth Career Fair held on 26th February 2017 and hosted by Ra’ana Liaquat Craftsmen’s Colony (RLCC), a partner Beneficiary Institution of the NVP. The programme aimed to empower the youth by creating awareness and providing multiple career opportunities, scholarships and skills training programmes. The institutions that took part in the event besides NVP were:  Hashoo Foundation, DIMC, Hunar Foundation, Hands Org., Institute of Clinical Psychology, Aga Khan University, Allama Iqbal Open University, Aman Foundation, Dr. Essa Laboratory. NVP’s certified volunteers with majors in the field of Banking, IT, Media services and the Armed forces, shared their experiences with secondary students of RLCC and guided them along their career path. Not only did the volunteers guide the students but they also spent time counselling the parents through one-to-one discussions. Hamida Rahman Kohkar, Project Administrator at RLCC, was pleased by the NVP volunteer’s participation in the event and concluded the event by saying “Volunteers with respective industry experience proved to be of immense help for our students. We wish to affirm this relationship by inviting volunteers again in our next academic year”

Continuous volunteer contributions have been receiving much recognition at various beneficiary institutions. One notable example is Zehra Nayani, a postgraduate student of the Institute of Professional Psychology and a certified NVP volunteer who was recently awarded by Ms. Shahnaz Hunzai – Project Manager at Zindagi Trust SMB Fatima Jinnah School for her volunteer services as a student counsellor at the school. During a discussion, Zehra Nayani stated that “From the encouraging staff, flexibility of schedule and cooperation in all aspects, right down to the eagerness of all the students, it has been a truly enriching experience volunteering at Zindagi Trust SMB”. Many such success stories have amplified and widened the scope of NVP and enhanced the credibility of NVP volunteers to a great extent.  

National Volunteer Programme has made a tremendous impact in the Pakistani Society within a very short span of time and is doing a commendable job trying to inculcate a culture for volunteerism in Pakistan. For more information log in to