We, at Coca-Cola Pakistan, believe that water is critical not just for survival but for overall well-being of our global ecosystems and economies. Being a big consumer of water, it is our duty to protect water resources. Coca-Cola Pakistan maintains a vast Corporate Social Responsibility Portfolio, with special focus towards community building and water stewardship, where projects are designed in a way to deliver exponential benefits by integrating the ‘Me, We, World’ framework; individuals, communities and environment. Therefore, it’s our mission to give back the equivalent of all the water that we use to communities and nature, and we will continue to do so after we meet the 100 percent water replenishment goal.

In 2007 The Coca-Cola Company announced its Water Replenishment Goal which focuses on being water neutral by the year 2020. 209 water stewardship projects were initiated in a total of 61 countries. Pakistan remains one of these 61 countries, successfully supporting towards water replenishment goals. The 2020 water replenishment goal involves returning water to the environment and communities, as per the total volume of water used annually. In 2014 The Coca-Cola system consumed 300 billion liters of water to produce 160 billion liters of beverages, and we successfully replenished 160 billion liters of water worldwide, based on our 209 watershed projects. Supporting this goal, Coca-Cola Pakistan was has been able to replenish 782 million liters of groundwater since 2008 just through a single project with WWF Pakistan in Ayubia National Park. This marks as the epitome of our success towards water stewardship. 

Coca-Cola is able to give back the amount of water equivalent to what it uses in its finished beverages and their production through replenishment projects, increasing water use efficiency in its plants, and returning water to watersheds and municipalities through wastewater treatment. Part of meeting its replenishment goal is engaging in diverse, locally focused community water projects. Each project works toward set objectives such as providing or improving access to safe water and sanitation, protecting watersheds, supporting water conservation and raising awareness on critical local water issues.

Although Coca-Cola Pakistan serves nationwide, but every project needs a clear target area and timeframe for specific deliverables. Our water replenishment projects are focused majorly in provinces of KPK, Sindh and Punjab. Apart from Ayubia National Park, to name few other projects we are serving in Gilgit, Karachi coastal areas like Kakapir and Soomer village, and also Lahore Bedian. 

To review our water stewardship and agriculture sustainability projects, take a look at the infographic: