This Ramadan, two giant forces have come together to deliver ‘Sprite Doodh Soda Ka Hit’; Sprite the lemon and lime market leader is collaborating with UHT milk market leader Olper’s to launch Sprite Doodh Soda. The conception of this exciting new campaign is relevant to Pakistan’s food and beverage consumption patterns in the month of Ramadan. This time around it is also the hottest month of the year and people intend to consume chilled beverages that are locally relevant to replenish from a nearly 16-hour fast.

To cater the preferences of our consumers this Ramadan, Sprite has come up with the biggest cross-brand collaboration campaign, and Pakistanis are already enjoying the refreshing Sprite Doodh Soda in full swing.

To enjoy this revitalizing drink, all you need to do is: mix 1 glass of Sprite with half a glass of milk, and top it off with crush ice cubes and a little honey...voila!


As a launching pad for this massive campaign, all mediums have been utilized; television, digital, radio and brand activations at your nearest supermarket. So this Ramadan, enjoy your Sprite Doodh Soda Ka Hit!