Coca-Cola Pakistan’s revealed its Sprite digital campaign; “KARNA KIA CHAHTAY HO/WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO?” to energize the youth around us, inviting them to break free from a world of norms and do what their heart tells them to do.
The Pakistani youth today is in self conflict, at cross roads as to “What they want to do” as opposed to “What they are told to do”, and eventually as time passes on it becomes more of “What they could have done” as opposed to “What they end up doing”.  This state of existential crisis of following societal norms instigates a never-ending spiral of perplexity but also leads to the loss of self-expression.

SPRITE, the L&L SEGMENT LEADER and the driving force behind the FLAVORS GROWTH in Pakistan has a bigger role to play in the lives of our youth. Being a YOUTH BADGE BRAND building on its philosophy of “OBEY YOU”, Sprite asked the youth what they really wanted to do? A simple question, but it stirred a million varying answers, made the youth realize that they were hardly pursuing their passion let alone their dreams. And guess what, they weren't alone….Around 63% of the Pakistani youth is under social obligation following a pre-defined route dictated by their peers, parents, norms and traditions.
Speaking about the campaign, Rizwan Ullah Khan, General Manager, The Coca-Cola Export Corporation Pakistan stated “Creating innovative marketing campaigns is at the heart of the Coca-Cola system in Pakistan. We believe in the growth potential and opportunity of Sprite. This brand has continued to win over Pakistani consumers' preference. Our job is to constantly reiterate the brand’s strength and aggressively create a buzz and excitement in Pakistan’s sparkling lemon-lime segment through evolving our traditional IMC model”.
Within hours of launching Sprite’s digital campaign, it is making massive waves around social media and driving positive conversations all across various forums. With 105,000+ views, 23,800+ likes, 5,550+ shares and 1,000+ comments, the digital campaign has captured the tension that the youth of Pakistan are facing today.
The digital campaign showcases a bunch of students and ask them a set of questions of “what they are doing” and “what do they really want to do”. Then the campaigns asks celebrities a similar set of questions to juxtapose the sentiment of the students. The messaging behind the campaign is to highlight that one should break free from societal norms and pressures and follow their heart to do something that they truly love.