The Pakistani youth today is suffering from an existential crisis, vacillating between tradition and modernity which in turn is causing internal-conflict amongst the youth. Sprite staying true to its brand ethos of “Cut through your own way”, aims to become the biggest youth badge brand for Pakistani youth and urges them to stay true to themselves by expressing who they really are.
Sprite reinforces the notion of individuality and positions itself as a brand that defies status quo by asking the youth to break-free from societal norms and pressures. Sprite, the leader in the Lemon & Lime recently unveiled a packaging-led IMC for the first time in Sprite Pakistan’s History. The campaign aims to drive transaction in a unique, edgy, bold and localized manner.
“Sprite Dikha Ke/Express yourself with Sprite” campaign initiative is the first of its kind in Pakistan, where Sprite is personalizing the edgy element of Sprite by swapping out some of its iconic logos on 500ml, 1L and 1.5L bottles with 8 local expressions that reflect the youth culture of Pakistan. 
Speaking about the campaign, Rizwan Ullah Khan, General Manager, The Coca-Cola Export Corporation Pakistan stated “Creating innovative marketing campaigns is at the heart of the Coca-Cola system in Pakistan. We believe in the growth potential and opportunity of Sprite. This brand has continued to win over Pakistani consumers' preference. Our job is to constantly reiterate the brand’s strength and aggressively create a buzz and excitement in Pakistan’s sparkling lemon-lime segment through evolving our traditional IMC model”.

Ali Akbar, Director Marketing for Pakistan and Afghanistan stated “Driving transaction is at the core of Sprite’s business growth and that too in an authentic, edgy and bold manner. By ensuring a strong link with the 18 year old youth, the IMC is well-rooted in the street culture and has its roots in the common street lingo. The IMC is already creating waves in the market with positive transaction growth, massive system-wide excitement and encouraging consumer response”
Sprite being a youth badge brand has a bigger role to play in their lives and hence urges them to say what’s on their mind, come what may in the expression that best defines who they are. The campaign has a cut-through approach and engages its target group through TVC, Radio, Outdoor, Consumer Activation, Trade Activation and Packaging. Furthermore, given Sprite’s focus on clutter-breaking and innovative initiatives, Sprite has developed a Facebook Application to drive conversation and engagement with the youth of Pakistan. The application will consumers to generate customized labels to help our consumer say whatever they want “TikaaKe”! 
Sprite Dikha Ke, Kaho Tika Ke is a step towards fortifying Sprites position as one the leading Lemon & Lime beverage by further recruiting youth and building brand love.