Streets, Spicy Food and Millenials! That is what Spicy 5.0 has been all about and ‘Sprite Spice Wars’ brought all these to the fore.  The competition, which has a Grand Prize of PKR 2.5 million enables millennials to be entrepreneurial and gives them a chance to fulfill their dream of owning a spicy street food joint. Moreover, this is in line with the general rise in entrepreneurship in the country with incubators springing up at every corner demonstrating that millennials want to cut through their own way.

Sprite Spice Wars has been designed while taking these factors into consideration. Recently, the competition has been activated in 4 colleges in 2 cities and has resulted in over 350,000 interactions and a reach of almost 6 million within our core audience.  The response to the competition has been great so far and Sprite has truly captured the imagination of the ‘WIP Generation’ with 519 teams registering for the competition and 117 teams submitting their business proposals. Some very interesting and innovative concepts have been presented with one team proposing to sell time rather than food.

Teams short-listed for the event were assigned mentors who themselves were young entrepreneurs from the restaurant industry. The mentors trained and guided these teams before the intra-college competition, where the teams selected competed with one another for a place in the Finale.

So far 3 intra-college cook offs have taken place and 12 teams in these colleges have served almost 2000 customers and raised revenues of over PKR 200,000 in the space of a couple of hours. We still have our final intra-college cook-off to go before the Finale.

Let the Sprite Spice Wars begin!