“Mirch ka Tarka Sprite se Bharka” is the new Sprite Spicy campaign launched by Coca-Cola Pakistan. Spicy food is no less than a passion for Pakistani youth, and Sprite’s crisp, sudden hit of Lemon & Lime refreshment takes the spicy food experience to its ultimate crescendo. The latest Sprite Spicy campaign amps it up by relying on clutter-breaking, innovative ideas that Sprite has come to be known for, to continue the growth trajectory of the brand.

“Mirchi ka Tarka Sprite se Bharka” was kicked off with a unique social media and PR strategy: a twitter invite to enjoy local spicy food from Ali Zafar (local celebrity) to Sidharth Malhotra (a friend from across the border). Ali Zafar would later be teaching Siddharth the Sprite and Spicy ‘ritual’ (Mirchi, Sprite, Scream) in the TVC, which would lead to a ‘spice-off’ between the two. Integrating social media into the preliminary stages of the campaign proved to be very successful as it ignited a conversation that penetrated not only the online platform but also print media, and created a sense of intrigue before launch of the campaign. The uniqueness of the campaign was further enhanced with the use of disruptive, high-frequency bumpers for TV to create impact at the time of launch. The focal point of the disruptive bumpers was the Sprite and Spicy “ritual,” a gesture that has emerged as a trademark of the Spicy platform. Consumers would be encouraged to perform the ritual every time they consume spicy food to ensure that Sprite becomes the beverage brand of choice for consumption with Spicy food. The “Spice-offs” concept was also the first of its kind when it came to consumer activation; it aimed to provide a “dhaaba” setting at selected universities to foster consumer engagement and establish an undisputed association between Sprite and spicy food.


Rizwan Ullah Khan, General Manager, The Coca-Cola Export Corporation Pakistan, stated “We believe in the growth potential and opportunity of Sprite. This brand has continued to win over Pakistani consumers' preference. Our job is to constantly reiterate the brand’s strength and aggressively create thrill and excitement in Pakistan’s Sparkling Lemon & Lime segment through evolving our traditional IMC model”.

Ali Akbar, Marketing Director, The Coca-Cola Export Corporation Pakistan, stated “We are always looking for new opportunities for growth, and developing new occasions for the consumption of our brands is pivotal to our growth. Sprite and Spicy has delivered great results so far, and we now look to further develop the platform, making it bolder and edgier, and to delight our consumers along the way.”

This power-packed IMC engages its target group through TV, Radio, Outdoor, Consumer Activation, Trade Activation, Digital and PR.  The unique strategy implemented across these channels will further strengthen Sprite’s position as the #1 beverage choice for consumption with Spicy food.