As a part of their experiential marketing course, a group of students at SZABIST Karachi were given a project to put up a stall of Coca-Cola to offer a proactive brand experience to the visitors at a one-day event held at the university.
With the support of the Coca-Cola Pakistan for executing this project, students were able to put up a stall that had a thematic set-up relevant to the celebrations of 100 years of contour bottle. The entrance to the stall was made up of a cut-out of the contour bottle. There were images printed and pasted on frames which were hanging on the wire that was tied around the area allocated for the activity. A photo-booth was also set-up where people were writing one word that comes in their mind while thinking about Coke and were taking pictures by using various props that included Coke contour bottle as well. Another board was placed at the venue on which visitors were pasting contour bottle shaped paper chits which were being used for writing one favourite memory associated with the brand.
In addition to the above, the students managed to get some jingles of Coca-Cola listed in DubSmash, a mobile application which is quite famous these days for creating short selfie videos dubbed with famous sounds. Also, the Coca-Cola Book Bank was placed at the venue where people were donating books and were rewarded with chilled Coke.

The Coca-Cola Book Bank was previously set-up at Karachi Literature Festival 2015 in the month of February. Through this activity, we were able to collect 2,500 books for The Citizens Foundation Schools that serve the less privileged strata of the society. Out of these books, 800 that were not suitable for the educational endeavours of school children were sold off, the proceeds of which amounted to PKR. 50,000.